Sales Mastery for Professional Service Providers: Designing Processes and Customer Journeys that Convert

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Sales Mastery for Professional Service Providers: Designing Processes and Customer Journeys that Convert

Presenters : Janine Lingenfelder

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In this third episode of our Attracting New Clients Series, we present an engaging webinar focused on equipping you with skills and strategies that will lead to higher sales conversions.  

Sales mentor and business owner, Janine Lingenfelder presents this session during which she dives into the art of sales mastery by exploring the key strategies for designing effective sales processes and customer journeys.  

Discover real-life success stories and gain practical tips to elevate your sales approach.

The Attracting New Clients Series is a 10-part series on mastering client acquisition and retention. You can read more about the series here 


Learning objectives  

Attending this webinar will equip you with the following skills: 

  • Acquire full knowledge of how you can create a tailored step-by-step sales process design guide for yourself. 

  • Know and be able to use a visual tool for plotting customers' journey stages. 

  • Acquire a comprehensive checklist that identifies improvements in the sales process and customer journey. 

  • Discover real-life examples to inspire and guide your own customer journey creation.  

  • Gain access to practical resources that facilitate the immediate implementation of discussed insights and strategies. 


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Understanding the Sales Process. 

    • Definition of a sales process. 

    • Why a well-defined sales process matters. 

    • Characteristics of an ideal sales process. 

    • Steps to creating your own tailored sales process. 

  • Introduction to the Customer Journey. 

    • Definition of a customer journey. 

    • The role of the customer journey. 

    • Stages of a typical customer journey. 

  • Creating and Converting Customer Journey 

    • Importance of a customer journey that converts prospects into customers. 

    • Elements of a successful customer journey in the context of accounting services. 

    • Step-by-step guide to creating your own effective customer journey. 

    • Strategies for improving conversion rates at each stage of the customer journey. 

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