Monthly Legal Pulse: Latest Case Law Insights June

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Monthly Legal Pulse: Latest Case Law Insights June

Presenters : Dwight Snyman


The Monthly Legal Pulse offers informational webinars where we delve into and provide current insights and analyses on events, profession-specific developments, regulations, case law, and statutory perspectives in the broader South African legal landscape. 

Every month, Adv. Dwight Snyman researches and summarises all relevant and important changes which he then presents in an easily understandable webinar.   

Join Adv. Dwight Snyman for your monthly infusion of updates that empower your legal journey.  

Learning objectives 

andable webinar.   Join Adv. Dwight Snyman on 28 June 2027 from 13:00 p.

Attending this webinar will equip you with the following: 

Timely and relevant updates: 

One of the key objectives of the Monthly Legal Pulse is to keep participants current and informed about the latest changes in South African law. By offering a monthly webinar series, the platform ensures that legal professionals stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving legal landscape, providing them with relevant information that is crucial to their practice. 

In-depth analysis and understanding: 

The Monthly Legal Pulse aims to provide participants with a thorough analysis and understanding of the most significant legal developments, news, statutes, and case law in the South African context. The primary objective is to delve deep into complex legal issues, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter.  

Practical application of legal knowledge: 

Our Monthly Legal Pulse sessions go beyond theoretical discussions. They aim to equip participants with practical tools and insights to apply legal knowledge in real-world scenarios. The objective is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, empowering legal professionals to navigate challenges effectively.   

Community building and networking : 

By providing a platform for discussions, collaborations, and networking opportunities, the webinar series aims to connect like-minded professionals and legal enthusiasts. This objective enhances the overall learning experience by encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences. 

Strategic advantage: 

The Monthly Legal Pulse is designed to offer a strategic advantage to its participants. By providing advanced insights and analysis, the webinar series empowers legal professionals to stay ahead of the curve. This objective ensures that participants are well-prepared to face challenges, make informed decisions, and strategically position themselves in the competitive legal landscape.  


The Monthly Legal Pulse webinars cover diverse topics that assist participants to stay abreast of the latest legal developments, refine their skills, and enhance their practice management abilities. Here are examples of the topics that are covered: 

Case law review: 

Updates on recent landmark court decisions across various legal domains, discussing their implications for legal practice and precedents set for future cases.  

Legislative updates: 

Updates on recent amendments to statutes and regulations relevant to legal professionals, including changes in procedural rules, evidence law, and court practice directives. 

Professional ethics and conduct: 

Discussions on ethical dilemmas faced by legal practitioners, recent disciplinary cases, and updates to the rules of professional conduct governing lawyers, advocates, and paralegals.   

Practice management tips: 

Insights and strategies for managing a legal practice efficiently, including client management, billing practices, and leveraging technology for improved productivity.  

Legal research techniques and resources: 

Discussions regarding advanced tips and tools for conducting legal research effectively, including updates on databases, case law repositories, and online legal resources.  

Litigation strategy: 

Updates on recent trends in trial practice that will discuss strategies for successful litigation, including case preparation, evidence collection, and courtroom advocacy techniques.  

Alternative dispute resolution trends:  

Exploration of recent developments in arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including updates on relevant legislation and case law.  

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