2021 Labour Law Update

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2021 Labour Law Update


July 2021 - Over the past month, various intriguing and ground-breaking developments affected everyone’s lives and work situations. From processing one’s personal information (POPIA) to having South Africans glued to TV screens watching how contempt proceedings unfold before our very own eyes.

These events have led us to question our role within the workplace, society, and law. Have the powers of the judiciary been compromised, and what is the way forward?

What do the changes mean for us as employees, employers and human resources representatives, and what should we be mindful of as we navigate these new developments?

Join labour law experts Andrew Goldberg and Dr JJ van der Walt as they present a labour law update and other significant changes that affect you.

Learning objectives

By the end of this webinar the attendee should:

  • Understand what restraints of trade is, why it is entered into and enforced, as well as some common pitfalls;
  • Understand how the process of contempt works;
  • Understand the jurisdiction of the Labour Court;
  • How Salary claims are brought;
  • Understand how to draft pleadings, heads of argument and closing arguments as well as common pitfalls; and
  • Understand the impact of the provisions of POPIA on employers and employees as well as be aware of  some of the key items to get employers POPIA-compliant.


The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Restraints of Trade and why the law is favouring employers.
  • A practical analysis of the process of contempt.
  • Claims for outstanding salaries.
  • Drafting Heads of Argument and Closing Arguments - an overview. 
  • The Labour Court and High Court.
    • Jurisdiction; and
    • Damages Claims.
  • The impact of POPIA on the workplace.

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