The Department of Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment has gazetted a draft greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions report for input by 1 June 2024. Prepared in keeping with South Africa’s obligations as a signatory to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the draft report:

  • covers the period 2020-2022
  • is underpinned by the 2011 White Paper on government’s policy position in response to climate change, and
  • among other things summarises and analyses GHG emission trends by source, categorising emissions as emanating from:
    • energy supply
    • industrial processing and product use
    • agriculture
    • land use, changes in land use, and forestry, and
    • waste.

According to the draft report’s executive summary, in the absence of ‘sufficient data’ South Africa’s GHG emission inventory for the period 2000-2022 ‘is not complete’. However, since reporting began in 2000, the country’s carbon intensity indicators have pointed to an ‘overall’ decrease.

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