The Preventing & Combating of Hate Crimes & Hate Speech Act and the Divorce Amendment Act have been gazetted.

The Divorce Amendment Act is immediately effective, aligning the principal statute with a June 2022 Constitutional Court ruling:

  • recognising Muslim marriages, and
  • safeguarding the interests of Muslim women and the children of Muslim marriages should such a marriage be dissolved.

The Preventing & Combating of Hate Crimes & Hate Speech Act is not yet in force. However, once operationalised it is expected to go some way towards addressing the ‘frequently occurring and sometimes violent conduct of persons who are motivated by clear and defined prejudices’. This is according to a memorandum on the objects of the Bill concerned, now signed into law and enacted. To that end, once in force the new piece of legislation will, among other things:

  • make offences of hate crimes and hate speech, and
  • provide for the implementation of measures to prevent and combat them.

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