The Department of Trade, Industry & Competition has published a review of national government industrial policy interventions since 1994, focusing on the sixth administration.

Among other things, the document explores:

  • ‘extraneous challenges in the operating environment’ impacting on ‘reimagined industrial strategy implementation’
  • opportunities to ‘stress-test’ various approaches to the development of an industrial policy, building on successes, and
  • the importance of adapting to ‘emerging trends’ if government’s ‘reimagined industrial strategy’ is to be advanced.

Fifteen ‘anchor interventions’ are envisaged, in which sector-specific masterplans ‘continue to serve as the coordinating structure’ for development. ‘High-value trade in services’ will be prioritised, ‘with a focus on labour-absorbing activities that harness South Africa’s unique expertise’.

Published by SA Legal Academy Policy Watch

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