The Office of the Chief Justice has published rules to regulate the conduct of proceedings in the Labour Court and the Labour Appeal Court.

Gazetted as addenda to minutes of a 20 November 2023 meeting of the Rules Board of the Labour & Labour Appeal Courts, the two new sets of rules will eventually replace all those previously applicable. The new Labour Court Rules will also replace a practice manual in effect since 1 April 2013.

According to the commencement section in each document, both sets of rules will only become operational on a date to be published in the Government Gazette.

However, the 20 November 2023 minutes note, among other things, that it was agreed by unanimous vote that each set:

should be published in the Government Gazette, and

‘shall come into effect on the date as indicated in the Rules’.

Clarity is needed.

  • new Labour Appeal Court Rules (with Rules Board meeting minutes)
  • new Labour Court Rules

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