Most sections of the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act, 2019, came into force on 12 September 2023, according to a presidential proclamation gazetted a month later. Among other things, the Act:

  • provides for the referral of fraudulent qualifications to a relevant professional body
  • introduces offences for qualification fraud, and
  • empowers the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to:
    • formulate criteria for evaluating foreign qualifications
    • evaluate foreign qualifications, and to
    • establish and maintain registers for:
      • professional designations, and
      • misrepresented and fraudulent qualifications.

Provisions not yet in effect are:

  • the substitute definition of ‘skills development provider’
  • registration and accreditation requirements affecting ‘every private education institution or skills development provider offering education and training programmes or any component thereof towards a qualification or part-qualification’, and
  • a requirement that every qualification or part-qualification should be evaluated and verified by the SAQA before being introduced and operationalised.

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Published by SA Legal Academy Policy Watch

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