Parliament has issued a media statement confirming that the National Assembly has passed four more Bills, which have been sent to the NCOP for concurrence:

  • the Divorce Amendment Bill (responding to a June 2022 Constitutional court judgment regarding the protection of Muslim women and the children of Muslim marriages, especially when a Muslim marriage is dissolved)
  • the Regulation of Interception of Communication & Provision of Communication Related Information Amendment Bill’s ‘B’ version (responding to a 2021 Constitutional Court judgment regarding the right to privacy, access to the courts, freedom of expression and legal privilege)
  • the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill’s ‘B’ version (responding to a 2018 Constitutional Court judgement regarding an adult’s possession of cannabis for personal consumption in private), and
  • the Marine Oil Pollution (Preparedness, Response and Co-operation) Bill’s ‘B’ version (which is not yet available, but nevertheless seeks to accommodate relevant provisions in the International Maritime Organisation’s 1990 convention).

An earlier SA Legal Academy report provides more information on the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, the scope of which has been extended several times.

Published by SA Legal Academy Policy Watch

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