The NCOP has passed the Railway Safety Bill’s ‘B’ version without recommending any further changes. It is therefore ready to leave Parliament.

Tabled in March 2021, the Bill seeks to:

  • improve the railway safety regulatory framework for passengers and freight, among other things by
    • delegating the management and implementation of safety measures largely to operators, while
    • making the Railway Safety Regulator responsible for ensuring compliance with these measures and promoting safety
  • promote the use of rail as a preferred mode of transport, and to
  • address various governance issues.

Once enacted and operationalised, the new piece of legislation will repeal the National Railway Safety Regulator Act, 2002.

  • Bill’s ‘B’ version
  • parliamentary papers confirming that the Bill has been passed
  • NCOP plenary at which the Bill was passed (YouTube, 57:22)

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