The Civilian Secretariat for Police has gazetted a notice calling for public comments by 8 December 2023 on draft amendments to regulations under the Second-hand Goods Act, 2009.

This is noting a programme of action introduced on 30 November 2022 with the intention of curbing damage to South Africa’s infrastructure and the broader economy by regulating trade in certain categories of metal waste, scrap metal and semi-finished metal products. A link to a SA Legal Academy report published at the time is provided below.

Developed and implemented by the Department of Trade, Industry & Competition, the programme of action has since been augmented by several other measures, including a temporary ban on the export of certain scrap metals.

Against that backdrop, the purpose of the amendments to the Second-hand Goods Act regulations is to:

  • address gaps in the enforcement of scrap metal seller registration requirements
  • extend registration requirements to include the buyers and sellers of semi-finished metal products
  • introduce more comprehensive reporting obligations, and
  • restrict trade in scrap copper and semi-finished copper products to registered buyers and sellers.

It is envisaged that waste pickers would be exempt from these requirements unless foraging for and selling copper scrap.

Published by SA Legal Academy Policy Watch

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