OPPORTUNITIES FOR PUBLIC COMMENT (expiring from 1 June 2024 onwards)

This list features documents and draft Bills still open for public comment during June 2024. Please note:

  • the documents are listed according to the date by which input should be received, beginning with deadlines scheduled to expire first
  • input deadlines are indicated in parenthesis next to each document
  • each link provided take readers to a summary with the source document/s
  • where the original deadline has been extended, the date is highlighted in yellow
  • where the original deadline has been brought forward, the date is emboldened in red
  • the list is updated throughout the month, with new opportunities highlighted in blue
  • expired opportunities for comment are only removed at the month-end

Full list:

  • draft greenhouse gas emissions report (1 June 2024)
  • draft regulations under the Border Management Authority Act (2 June 2024)
  • draft safety management system requirements (3 June 2024)
  • interpretation proposals for international financial reporting standards (7 June 2024)
  • draft amendments to three Legal Practice Council rules (10 June 2024)
  • draft amendments to regulations under the Liquor Products Act (12 June 2024)
  • draft Children’s Amendment Bill (13 June 2024)
  • digital migration regulatory review discussion document (13 June 2024)
  • draft amendments to the JSE equities rules on member market access (14 June 2024)
  • draft gas master plan (15 June 2024)
  • draft regulations under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act (16 June 2024)
  • draft regulations on air quality management plans for priority areas (16 June 2024)
  • Pension Funds Act draft conduct standard (19 June 2024)
  • draft recognition of prior learning implementation framework (22 June 2024)
  • draft management control system regulations under the Agricultural Product Standards Act (23 June 2023)
  • draft sector-specific carbon emissions targets (25 June 2024)
  • draft Local Government: General Laws Amendment Bill (28 June 2024) 
  • draft amendments to Magistrates Courts Rule and Uniform Rule on mediation notices (30 June 2024)
  • draft amendments to the generally recognised accounting practice reporting framework (30 June 2024)
  • draft standard municipal by-law on township economies (30 June 2024)
  • draft regulations on hazardous chemical agents in the workplace (3 July 2024)
  • draft regulations on restrictive vertical practices under the Competition Act (3 July 2024)
  • draft Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Bill (5 July 2024)
  • capital markets discussion document (8 July 2024)
  • draft revised standards for municipal policing (11 July 2024)
  • draft joint standard on minimum requirements for market infrastructure recovery plans (18 July 2024)
  • revised draft directive on restructured credit exposure identification requirements (19 July 2024)
  • draft National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Bill (23 July 2024)

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